Your Health

I read an article on that is titled “Are these sleep mistakes making you fat?”  It is currently posted here:

One interesting tenet of the article is that sleeping too close to electronics can make you fatter.  I was compelled by this article to write a comment, and I want to share it here.

This is an embarrassing article that exposes what is wrong with American health culture.  This is like the Dr.Oz scandal where he was reprimanded before Congress for pushing weight loss pills that don’t actually work on daytime television.  The earlier comment is right.  Calories are the key to weight loss. So, don’t sleep too close to you alarm clock? I’ve never heard something so stupid.  I don’t know which one is sadder, saying anything to impressionable people in order to sell a book or actually believing this is true.


Out of gas…

Out of gas,
Out of road,
Out of car
I don’t know how I’m going to go.
And, I had a drink the other day.
Opinions were like kittens,
I was giving them away.
And, I had a drink the other day.
I had a lot to say.
And I said,
You will come down soon, too.
You will come down too soon.

This is a song by Modest Mouse.  Being my first post, it is also my attempt at humor during an era of uncertainty about the future of transportation.  Not the least of which includes electric cars, bio-fuels and the implied limit of oil inside the Earth.  It seems like the perfect way to set the tone of the blog.